Homeside Hospice

Providing Dignity, Comfort, and Inner Peace

We are the only nurse owned and nurse operated hospice in the state of New Jersey.

Kathleen Folliard, RN, one of the founders of Homeside Hospice, passed peacefully on January 14, 2011 leaving us a legacy of inner peace and universal spirituality. We mourn the loss of our partner Kathleen and miss her dearly. Kathleen spent 15 years in a Sub Acute facility caring for Pediatric patients. She then became a home care nurse, caring for pediatric patients. In 2001 she joined a large hospice where she was a Regional Manager. In 2005 she collaborated with fellow nurses and became a founder of Homeside Hospice. Kathleen was a Reiki Master and enjoyed all palliative modalities which provide emotional and spiritual support to our patients on their journey. She will be missed by all who loved her and benefited from her teaching.

  • From Left to Right
    • Marianne Gaudio
      • Having worked 25 years as the office manager of a Long Term Care Facility, Marianne entered the field of hospice. After just a few years, she and her friends embarked on their journey into a hospice of their own.
    • Theresa Scholl RN
      • Theresa spent 24 years in geriatric long term care, where she was part of the management team responsible for MDS coordination, Education, and Infection Control before becoming Assistant Director of Nursing and Director of Nursing. In 2000, Theresa joined a large hospice as Director of Clinical Operations. In 2005, Theresa and her respected colleagues founded a grass roots hospice. Homeside Hospice is dedicated to excellence in end of life care and focuses on patient dignity, comfort and inner peace.
    • Kristin Barnable RN, BSN
      • Kristin worked in Long Term Care prior to becoming a hospice case manager in 1997. Kristin worked for a large hospice for 8 years as Clinical Director. In 2005, Kristin along with her friends founded Homeside Hospice. One of the goals of this grass roots hospice is to provide individuals with the highest possible level of physical, emotional and practical support.
    • Theresa Watson RN
      • Theresa has had experience as a critical care nurse, pain management clinician, Home IV infusion and wound care visiting nurse and clinical research coordinator for oncology & cardiology clinical trials. Theresa was a former Regional Manager and Clinical Director of other hospice programs before the establishment of Homeside Hospice.

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